All housing associations must carry out an annual satisfaction survey to comply with regulatory requirements. There are 22 tenant satisfaction measures, covering five themes:

  • Keeping Properties in Good Repair
  • Maintaining Building Safety
  • Respectful and Helpful Engagement
  • Effective Complaints Handling
  • Responsible Neighbourhood Management

10 of these are measured by landlords directly, and 12 are measured by landlords carrying out tenant perception surveys.

We have opted to conduct our perception surveys via telephone and face to face methods and will be conducted in-house.

These measures have been designed to drive standards and improve the quality of social housing by ensuring housing providers are accountable for the services delivered to customers.

Within 2024-25 we will be focusing on the following areas to increase our performance to achieve improved results within our next TSM survey:

  • Listening and acting upon your views
  • Satisfaction with complaint as well as Anti-Social Behaviour handling
  • Keeping your communal areas clean and well maintained
  • Resident engagement and having a positive contribution to your neighbourhood

Please see the charts below to see how we are doing and how we compare to others like us:

PDF version here.