Welcome to Housing Solutions 

Housing Solutions provide good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy.  
We own, manage and maintain more than 8,000 homes,
across seven local authorities; RBWM, Wokingham, Bracknell, Bucks, Slough, Reading, Milton Keynes
and South Oxfordshire.  

We offer a wide range of housing options, including affordable homes to rent, properties to buy under
shared ownership, market rent properties and specialist accommodation
for older people and people who need care and support to live within the community. 

We want people to thrive and feel safe in the places they live and work. 
Satisfied that they are valued, creating relationships and sustainable communities
that last a lifetime – because to us, it’s people not homes that matter.

We’ve set out our plans to make this a reality in our Corporate Strategy 2021-25/26
which you can read in full here or simply watch our short video explaining our mission.

We want to make sure our information is available to everyone.

If you need any of our information in a different language or other format like braille, large print, or audio CD, just fill in the form here.

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