Our purpose

Our purpose is clear – we’re here to house and support disadvantaged local people across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Community focused landlord

We are more than just a landlord.  We believe that understanding the real challenges residents face is the only way to make positive change, listening to the community helps us set the right direction for our services, our residents and all our stakeholders.

Safe homes 

We own, manage and maintain more than 7,500 homes, across seven local authorities in and around the Maidenhead area.  We know that housing is about more than putting a roof over people’s heads. It’s about helping people thrive so we focus on safety, quality and sustainability.  We want people to be proud of where they live and happy in their community.

Professional property services

We have our own professional team of trade's staff who provide a comprehensive maintenance service. 

Customer first ethos

We are committed to harnessing the benefits of digital technology and continue to invest in the platforms to seamlessly connect our colleagues and residents.  Digital services helps us provide more comprehensive services but we’ll never lose sight of the human side of our work and the interactions between people that make a community tick.

Better communities

We’re not-for-profit – we reinvest any profits we make in our homes, the new homes we develop and the services we provide. We support our communities through the strong relationships we have nurtured with local services, partnering with agencies to protect vulnerable residents.  We are kept on track by our proactive Resident engagement team who work closely with residents to gather vital feedback which adds shape to our services.  

Read more about our strategic direction here

We know that housing is about more than putting a roof over people’s heads. It’s about helping people thrive and our corporate strategy sets out our plans for the next five years.  This is encapsulated by three core themes:

Safe ~ Keeping residents and our people safe at home and at work

We are determined to make sure residents are as safe as possible, both in terms of the quality of their homes and the actions of others in their community.

Satisfied ~ Provide value for money services for residents; fulfilling careers for our people

We have created people-focused goals which includes the Spirit of Housing Solutions, a clear set of expectations about how we work with each other and our residents. Communication, training and development for our people, and value for money for our residents, are threads that run through this vision. 

Sustainable ~ Deliver more effective services and more efficient homes.

Our social purpose and values remain focused on providing affordable housing for local people who are unable to buy or rent on the open market. This will always be our priority.

Our Values

Ownership – each of us takes responsibility to ensure a positive outcome for our residents
Innovation – use creative thinking, passion, energy and enthusiasm to achieve practical results
Teamwork – work cooperatively in teams and across teams to achieve more together than we could alone
Inclusion – ensure that everyone we deal with is able to participate in our services and organisation

Registered Office: Housing Solutions, Crown House, Crown Square, Waldeck Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8BY
We are a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Act 2014 (Reg No. 27876R) and a Mutual Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Act 2014