Housing Solutions provides good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy.  We own, manage, and maintain over 8,000 homes, across seven local authorities in and around the Maidenhead area.  We offer a wide range of housing options, including affordable homes to rent, properties to buy under shared ownership, market rent properties and specialist accommodation for older people and people who need care and support to live within the community. 

We are currently working hard to maximise the number of new homes we build, to help improve the shortage of social housing locally, which forms part of our six year strategic plan, to achieve happy customers and provide more homes; making sure that our residents are SAFE, SATISFIED and we ensure our properties are SUSTAINABLE.

We maintain a healthy A+ credit rating with Standard and Poor’s.  The Regulator of Social Housing confirmed that the governance and financial viability grades for Housing Solutions remained at:

  • G1: the provider meets our governance requirements.
  • V1: the provider meets our viability requirements and has the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.

The full Standard and Poor's report can be read here.