We are committed to providing equality of opportunity in all our activities as a provider of affordable housing and as an employer; we try to reflect the diversity of the local community in our employees and those we house.

We are strongly opposed to any form of discrimination and recognise the need to ensure that everyone who works on behalf of the Group, or who uses its services is not discriminated against.  Please see our inclusion and equality statement here https://www.housingsolutions.co.uk/news-and-events/news/housing-solutions-inclusion-and-equality-statement/

We will ensure that our policies and procedures are non-discriminatory and that action is taken to combat direct and indirect discrimination in all our activities. We expect our business partners and agents to be equally committed to best practice and ensure that their policies compliment our own.

All staff, customers and Board members are aware of how to communicate with people with disabilities and have positive attitudes towards disability.  Disability Awareness Training is offered to staff and Board members on a regular basis. The aim is to give people an insight into and an understanding of the lives and needs of people with disabilities and gives useful guidance on ways of communicating with people who are hearing or sight impaired.