If you have a Supported Tenancy Agreement and are looking to end your tenancy please contact us on 01628 543101 or email lettings@housingsolutions.co.uk.

In conjunction with your tenancy agreement prior to ending your tenancy you must do the following:

  • Tell us you are leaving or moving – You will have to give us 4 weeks written notice that you will be leaving the property, so we can inspect the property before you move out. The notice period is a full 4 weeks and is from Monday to Sunday. If notice is given mid week or any day other than Monday the notice wont start until the following week on the Monday. 
  • If you are transferring you do not have to give us 4 weeks notice. Please contact us if you are acting on behalf of a tenant who has recently died and you need to know what to do before returning property keys.
  • Pay your bills – All your rent payments have to be up to date when you return property keys, with no arrears, when you leave. There can be no overpayments of housing benefit on your rent account. You also have to pay all your gas, electricity and water bills.
  • Pay for any damage to the property or put it right – there must be no tenant recharges such as the cost of replacing missing doors, repairing any damage to the property or any clearances.
  • Leave your home completely empty – All carpets, curtain rails, lamp shades and even loo rolls and cleaning items must be removed. Check your loft is empty. Garden sheds must be empty, satellite dishes removed and you must remove any rubbish in your garden.
  • Leave your home clean – You must clean the property thoroughly.  Please don’t forget to clean inside cupboards and drawers.
  • Making changes – If you have made any changes to the property the work must have been done with our written approval or the property must be returned to the original condition before you leave.
  • Return all the keys – All keys must be returned to us on the day you move out. These include all front door, back door, window, cupboard, shed and communal keys and fobs as well as all the gas cards and electricity keys you may have.  The cost to replace a lost fob is £10 +VAT (as of February 2022).
  • Your tenancy will end on a Sunday – All keys must be returned to our offices by 08:45 am the following Monday.