Housing Solutions ensures resident safety is a top priority, with our corporate strategy of safe, satisfied and sustainable supporting this.  

We work hard all year with our residents to ensure their safety, this can be through various means, such as;

  • Our antisocial behaviour team
  • Landlord compliance checks such as gas servicing or electrical checks
  • Regular estate visits
  • Safeguarding
  • Ensuring 100% decent homes
  • These Safe In Your Place (SIYP) updates

The list continues. 

But, did you know that legislation changed in April 2024, with the introduction of the Safety and Quality Standard? Within this standard, there are 4 specific expectations and this SIYP information is designed to give you an update on the changes required by registered providers (such as Housing Solutions). 

Stock quality

We must physically inspect your home and understand the condition. This includes ensuring we comply with health and safety legal requirements, the Decent Homes Standards, deliver repairs, maintenance and planned improvements to your home and allocate homes that are designed or adapted to meet your needs.

We carry this out through our stock condition survey.

Health and safety

We must identify and meet all legal requirements with regard to health and safety in our homes and our communal area. Where actions are necessary, we must carry these out in an appropriate timescale, whilst ensuring consideration of the design and delivery of our services and ensuring that any identified risks to tenants are mitigated.

We carry this out in various ways, including working with you for access to carry our legally complaint visits, regular estate inspections and fire risk assessments (in communal areas).

Repairs, maintenance and planned improvements

We must enable repairs to be reported easily and that timescales for the repair are clear, along with keeping you up to date about your repair. We must also ensure we carry out repairs that are our responsibility in communal areas and that our service is designed and informed by the needs of our residents, whilst providing value for money.

We carry this out through the offering of ways to report repairs (such as app and website, along with various other channels). We also offer appointments when you tell us about a repair and we update you regularly on the repair through our works planners and in house maintenance team. Within our communal areas, we visit regularly and report any necessary repairs. We welcome feedback and support in designing our services, if you wish to get involved please do so here (website link).


We must direct you to relevant organisations that can assist with housing adaptation services and cooperate with you and the local authority departments and other organisation (as required) to ensure this service is available to you.

We carry this out on an individual basis, as required.