What to do in an emergency

Emergencies are rare. But it’s still important to prepare for one, just in case. 

Each building is different, so it's important to know what advice applies to your property.  Please make sure that you check the fire notice information displayed in your block. 

Residents who live in properties with communal areas

You will have recently received important fire information. Please watch our short video to find out more.

If you need to report anything about fire safety please contact us 

If you need a copy of your FRA please call the Contact Centre

You can Request a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

To request a copy of your FRA please email firesafety@housingsolutions.co.uk or call our Customer Contact Centre on 01628 543101 and provide your address.  Please remember that FRAs only provide a snapshot of the building at a specific time.

Would you need help evacuating your home in a fire / emergency?

Please let us know as soon as possible or complete the form here so that we can arrange a ‘Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan’ (PEEP) with you.

Purpose built flats

Purpose built blocks of flats are designed to contain fire. This means that fire shouldn't spread from flats or from the communal areas into flats. So if a neighbouring flat is on fire you can usually remain safely in your own flat whilst the fire service deal with the incident.  

Our Fire Safety Programme

We have a full fire safety programme in place.  We use Savills UK as our 'Competent Person'.  They help to ensure we comply with all necessary fire regulations which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Annual comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) of all blocks of flats as well as sheltered and supported schemes. 
  • Fire escape plans and fire action signage are displayed in schemes with communal areas. 
  • Our staff carry out regular estate inspections, ensuring all passages and corridors are kept clear.

We act on all recommendations that come out of FRA inspections.

Responsible Person Information

The law requires a designated ‘Responsible Person’ for communal buildings. Housing Solutions is your Responsible Person.  If, however, your block has a managing agent, they will be your Responsible Person. 

Fire Doors

Fire doors play an important part in keeping buildings safe, it is vital that you don’t make any changes to your fire door, and any damage is reported to us.  Please make sure you:

  • Keep fire doors closed – don’t prop them open as they are there to stop the spread of fire.
  • Don’t drill into, damage, or alter the doors or self-closing devices.
  • Report any faults or damage to fire doors or self-closer door fixings immediately, on 01628 543101 so that we can fix them.

Fire doors are designed to protect everyone.  Please view our fire door video here for information on how they keep you safe. 

It is important that we work together to stay safe, here are some reminders:

  • Check weekly that all smoke detectors in your home are working.  Please contact us if they are not.
  • Keep all communal areas and balconies completely clear from items which could get in the way if you are evacuating or could be flammable and cause a fire to spread.
  • Read the fire and emergency plan for your building. Please remember each scheme/block will be slightly different so it is always worth checking regularly to ensure you know what action you should take in an emergency.
  • Do not smoke in the internal communal areas.
  • Do not leave candles unattended and take care when cooking - further fire safety information can be found here

How to test your smoke alarm

Test your smoke alarm weekly.  Locate the button labelled ‘test’ on your detector. Push it in and hold. If the smoke detector is working, the alarm will sound, along with any other smoke detectors in your property that are linked to it.

If you’re a leaseholder remember it’s your responsibility to test your smoke alarm regularly, change the batteries and repair or replace it if stops working properly.

Five easy steps to change a smoke alarm battery

  1. Remove the smoke alarm cover (it should unclip from the base with a slight twisting motion)
  2. Take out the old battery from its holder
  3. Replace with a new battery (check manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you install a battery of the right voltage)
  4. Put the cover back on
  5. Press the ‘Test’ button to check the new batteries are working (the alarm will sound)

View our smoke alarm battery replacement video here